Soft-crane-control iblos-SCC

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Working with a boom system requires precise, quick and smooth motion. Regular controls with time-controlled ramps often don’t meet these requirements, but our dynamically controlled iblos-Soft-Crane-Control does. The boom moves immediately and completely in sync with the joystick control while accelerating or decelerating incredibly smoothly. There are no dynamic boom vibrations that could be transferred to the base device or construction. Thus the process is not only precise but also material-friendly, increasing the operating life of the device. Furthermore, being able to do a quick, precise and relaxed job improves both the quality and rate of work.


  • forestry crane
  • frontloader
  • hay crane
  • ceiling crane
  • loading crane
  • sidemower
  • general boom systems

iblos-SCC is a software tool, usually as part of a system control. For general crane controls, iblos-IMPact modules are available with SCC software:

  • iblos-IMPact-05 für 8fach proportional oder on/off-Ansteuerung von Danfoss PVG-Blöcken
  • iblos-IMPact-03 für 4fach proportional und 4 fach on/off Ansteuerung von herkömmlichen Proportionalmagneten
  • iblos-IMPact-04 für 8fach proportional und 8 fach on/off Ansteuerung von herkömmlichen Proportionalmagneten