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Energy for mankind

The big producers of agricultural and forestry machines are the peak of vehicle digitization. They used GPS data to control features and brought autonomous vehicles onto fields and into forests long before producers of cars and utility vehicles.

To help ensure that sufficient and sustainable energy for man and beast in the form of foodstuffs and renewable resources remains available, digitization based on automation will keep advancing and eventually reach the periphery such as add-on devices.

For small to medium-sized producers of agricultural and forestry technology, IBL-HYDRONIC is the optimal partner in development and production when it comes to full or partial automation, because we offer more than just system integration or delivery of components.

IBL-HYDRONIC implements its customized solutions quickly and efficiently, relying on universally applicable electronic and hydraulic components. Our developers draw on complete assembly groups ready for connection – f.e. frontal add-on device controls that include pressure regulation – as well as an extensive know-how stemming from a myriad of already realized projects, which include automation of timber trailers, forestry tractors, front mowers, hay cranes or slurry harrows.

Because of the products we develop in-house and our Germany-based installation and production capacities, including 3D printing, short processing times as well as steadily high quality and on-time delivery are guaranteed.


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We develop and integrate complete hydraulic and electronic systems for medium-sized producers of construction machines, agricultural and forestry machines as well as municipal and specialized vehicles since 1989, running the gamut from simple control blocks to device controls ready for connection, including advanced user interfaces.