3D Print

We are starting customized batch production.

Serial individuality

IBL-HYDRONIC produces 3D printing parts on a professional technology line where functionally optimized parts are developed for use in the multitude of IBL-HYDRONIC’s control solutions. Aside from surface finish according to requirements, coloring is possible in all RAL colors or as per color specification.

To our customers, we offer contract manufacturing of 3D printed parts. Send us a step file of your part using the contact form below and specifying quantity, surface finish and color. If requested we can also construct your 3D printed part or assist you in designing it as required.

HP Jet Fusion 540

Because of its completely self-sufficient inner workings, it is clean and processes 80% of the printing materials used for the build space. The closed system of mixing, filling, recovering keeps surroundings clean and saves material.

  • production of technical parts made from thermoplastics with optimal mechanical properties
  • precise details and dimensional accuracy even for small parts
  • accurate and repeatable results
  • production of clean white models that can be covered with premium-quality colors
  • effective build space 332 x 190 x 248 mm (L x W x H)
  • coating thickness 0.08 mm
  • print-head resolution 1200 dpi


HP 3D High Reusability CB PA 12 is a thermoplastic with very good material properties for a wide array of uses. For industrial purposes the material impresses with its firmness, for sports and lifestyle with its colorful, high-quality designs.

  • steady and durable assembly groups
  • resilient thermoplastic for high-precision parts with delicate profiles and stable structures
  • excellent resistance against chemical wear from oils, fats, hydrocarbons and bases
  • ideal for coloring
  • biocompatible
  • RoHS
  • PAHs
  • suitable for toys (Statement of Composition for Toy Applications)
  • UL 94 and UL 746

Cleaning and surfacing

To clean the printing parts, filter and centrifuges cleanly seperate powder from blasting material with emanating air. Each kind of part is taken care of individually by our specialists and they are cleaned gently to avoid damage. For serial batches, reproducible results are guaranteed.

Mechanical surfacing gives 3D printed products a unique matt-luminous look and a pleasant feel. The technology improves scratch resistance and prolongs product lifespans. Surfacing is considered the most important basis for optimal coloring results. The closing of pores results in a significantly improved, smooth surface quality.

Colors as requested

Coloring 3d printed plastic parts has been a manual, unmanageable process for the longest time. IBL-HYDRONIC employs an industrial-suited coloring process that additionally keeps surrounding areas clean and can be reproduced at will.

  • industrial, traceable and automated process
  • color database
  • 170 standard and RAL / Pantone colors
  • individual shades possible due to color matching
  • industry-specific color options, f.e. automotive or Neon X colors
  • certified colors for high-end manufacturing
  • great UV and heat resistance
  • ISO-certified colors, biocompatible for glasses, ortheses, etc.

Surfaces on a level with injection molding

IBL-HYDRONIC provides 3D parts with a sealed and washable surface on a level with injection molding. The process minimizes surface roughness. Reproducable processing of complex geometries and inside areas is ensured. Subsequent coloring completes the best available surface finish of 3D printing parts.

Functional design

IBL-HYDRONIC is constructing in 3D since 2004. By introducing 3D printing technology we are expanding technical constructing by functional modeling. That is how products with individual design are developed – functional, ergonomic and highly distinctive. Thanks to 3D printing technology, constructing functional assembly groups will reach new heights. Modern and appealing functional design merges engineering with style. Our experienced engineers and designers create our in-house products, but also offer their skills and experience as an order production service. We can assist you with constructing and designing your component and are always looking forward to another challenge!

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