IMPact 03

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ECU for use in vehicles, construction machines, agricultural and forestry machines, municipal devices and mobile specialized machines. Most suitable for controlling hydraulic control blocks, pumps and motors or as a CAN-I/O module.
Easy-to-use: Voltages and 0V are provided for actuators and sensors via the integrated terminal level.

18 power outputs
10 inputs
12-bit analog inputs
12-bit real-time current-controlled PWM outputs
5V reference voltage, VDD and 0V on terminal level for sensors and actuators

electrical connection
power supply 12/24 VDC (9 to 32 VDC)
load dump protection, suitable for vehicular electrical systems
voltage internally monitored
supply output: external quick-acting fuse 10A, per PIN
supply electronics: external quick-acting fuse 3A

I/O central plug
locking plug, 42-pins

CAN and electronics
M12, 5-pin socket, CiA standard allocation

IP67, cast

ambient temperature
-40° C to +80° C

data interface
1x CAN network