Control blocks with CAN electronics

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Hydraulic blocks are wiring hotspots. Sensors often need to be integrated in addition to solenoids. Mobile control blocks with integrated CAN-bus are usually offered to solve these wiring knots – yet every section comes with its own seperate CAN knot, which on the one hand barely reduces the wiring effort and on the other hand increases the strain on CAN networks. Sensors that need to be read on top of that often require additonal CAN modules.

The solution

With its iblos-IMPact control devices and modular or compact block systems, IBL-HYDRONIC offers the optimal solution for reducing the wiring effort on hydraulic blocks. The synergy of iblos electronics and hydraulics creates a mechatronic assembly group that can be integrated easily and comfortably.

easy-to-use technology

  • wiring ready for connection for supply and CAN-bus
  • all solenoids and sensors fully connected to iblos electronics
  • delivery of a fully tested assembly group
  • actually reduced wiring effort
  • prevention of installation mistakes when connecting
  • easy-to-use technology

completely installed mechatronic assembly group ready for connection consisting of:

iblos block system SW04 and/or SW10
iblos compact control block
combination of block systems and compact control block
iblos-IMPact control devices as ECU
iblos system wiring harness


block system SW04
pressure 250 bar, volume flow 60 l/min (pump), 35 l/min (user)

Blocksystem SW10
pressure 250 bar, volume flow 120 l/min (pump), 60 l/min (user)

block system SW10
pressure 250 bar (aluminum), pressure 350 bar (steel),      volume flow according to specifications


electrical connection
power supply 12/24 VDC (9-32 VDC), resettable fuse, load dump protection, suitable for vehicular electrical systems, voltage internally monitored

additively produced Pa12, IP67, cast, screw flange

CAN and electronic M12, 5-pin CiA standard or via central plug,
I/O central plug, locking, contacts with single-wire sealing

system wiring harness

ECU connection
locking plug, see above

cables with splashed solenoid plugs, DIN cubic plug, Deutsch, AMP or customized

M12 screw connectors, locking connectors with single-wire sealing, Deutsch, AMP or customized

level of protection
up to 67 depending on the plug connector version