Modular control blocks

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Producers of machines with varying equipment or optional features require flexible and versatile hydraulic controls. Developed specifically for use in mobile work machines, load sensing capable control blocks SW04 and SW10 work with fixed or variable displacement pumps. Additional features integrated into the valve section and the general architectural design of these blocks are what thoroughly sets them apart from other block systems. Furthermore, they boast the highest feature density on the market. Control blocks with modular block systems SW04 and SW10 result in potent hydraulic controls representing every feature of a machine. Integrating iblos-IMPact modules results in user-friendly, complete assembly groups ready for connection with integrated CAN-bus.

  • low weight
  • flexible and highly functional
  • optimal connection to hydraulic conduits
  • compact design
  • suitable for machines with varying functionalities

easy-to-use technology

  • iblos-IMPact control devices
  • system wiring harnesses
  • load sensing controls with fixed and variable displacement pumps
  • basic standard features of mobile control blocks
  • integrated additional features, secondary features with throttle, pressure, load-holding, brake valves, etc.
  • on/off and proportional control
  • load-independent user features
  • electro-proportional load control with no leaks
  • application-specific features
  • input section for fixed and variable displacement pumps
  • multi circuit pump
  • sections for standard and special features
  • horizontal and vertical modularity
  • customizable functionality as per component placement
  • all sizes inter-combinable

control block SW04
max in P: 250 bar
max in A/B: 250 bar
max in T: 10 bar

flow rate
max in P/T: 60 l/min
max in A/B: 30 l/min

control block SW10
max in P: 250 bar
max in A/B G3/8: 250 bar
max in T: 10 bar

flow rate
max in P/T: 120 l/min
max in A/B: 60 l/min

modular manifolds SW04 and SW10