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IBL Hydronic Unternehmen

Understanding the past to shape the future

Our company history

  • 1989
  • 1993
  • 1995
  • 1999
  • 2005
  • 2010
  • 2017
  • 2020

A company where innovation is tradition

IBL-HYDRONIC is an owner-managed specialist for automating mobile machines with decades of experience and profound market insight.

We develope, produce and integrate complete hydraulic and electronic systems for medium-sized producers of construction machines, agricultural and forestry machines as well as municipal and specialized vehicles since 1989, running the gamut from simple control blocks to device controls ready for connection, including advanced user interfaces.

In this endeavor we can fall back on components from strong partners or our own development. In-house installation and production capacities for small to medium batch sizes, including an ultramodern 3D printer for serial production, enable the creation of tailor-made solutions and guarantee short processing times as well as on-time delivery.

Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are committed to our location in Germany and understand “Made in Germany“ to mean both a promise of quality and a mission to provide users with innovative solutions of pronounced added value.

With its extensive choice of products, IBL-HYDRONIC stands out from its competitors that solely act as system integrators or component suppliers.

Our guidelines

At the center of our solutions is the customer. Contributing to this is every one of our highly skilled co-workers as well as 30 years of experience in various areas of our work. In this context we stand for

- reliable, potent and cost-optimized control components
- fast system solutions adjusted to the respective situation
- great professional expertise on complex electro-hydraulic systems
- dependable support for our customers, short-term and anytime
- a direct line to our technicians that stays open after-sale
- a committed workforce and caring company culture
- a sense of cooperation when dealing with our customers or affiliates

Continuous quality improvements and product enhancements safeguard our jobs and those of our affiliates, based on education and further training within the team as well as close cooperation with our customers. Part and parcel of keeping customer satisfaction high is our close cooperation with our suppliers and on-schedule handling of all processes. Management and staff are obligated to maintain, advance and improve the quality management system and to satisfy customer wishes.

Team introduction

IBL-Hydronic Unternehmen Dr. Thomas Löcher

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Löcher
Management / sales

Tel.: +49 37606 378280
Mail: loecher@iblos.com

IBL-Hydronic Unternehmen Tobias Löcher

Ing. Tobias Löcher
Head of development

Tel.: +49 37606 378280
Mail: tobias.loecher@iblos.com

Jan Robnitzki

Jan Robnitzki

Tel.: +49 37606 378280
Mail: robnitzki@iblos.com

IBL Protrait Herr Heindl

Tom Heindl
3D Print

Tel.: +49 37606 378280
Mail: 3d@iblos.com

IBL-Hydronic Unternehmen Knabe

Katja Knabe
Order processing / accounting

Tel.: +49 37606 378280
Mail: verkauf@iblos.com

IBL-Hydronic Unternehmen Seiferth

Nicole Seiferth
Purchasing / procurement

Tel.: +49 37606 378280
Mail: einkauf@iblos.com

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