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The construction industry building roads, bridges, tunnels, malls, power plants or hospitals is what keeps the world in motion. Introducing automated or partly automated processes increases ease of use and thus the efficiency of the utilized construction machines. IBL-HYDRONIC is an acknowledged specialist in automating construction machines such as screeding machines, diggers and rollers or rotary cranes.

As an innovative provider of solutions, IBL-HYDRONIC knows all aspects of a control task: From basic hydraulic components to electronic hardware controls to ergonomically designed human-machine interface, wire harness and machine networking. All while keeping an eye on the the economical framework conditions. Hydraulic and electronic systems that are custom-made for use under harsh conditions form the basis of reliable and efficient controls for all kinds of construction machines. Production in Germany guarantees high quality and stable supply chains.

IoT services can be used and provided by construction machine producers and construction businesses based on the connectable IBL controls in conjunction with cloud solution iblos-cloud-master. This includes remote software updates for machines (OTA, over the air).

All of this makes IBL-HYDRONIC the ideal partner in development and production to find innovative and economical solutions that will continue to keep the world in motion.


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We develop and integrate complete hydraulic and electronic systems for medium-sized producers of construction machines, agricultural and forestry machines as well as municipal and specialized vehicles since 1989, running the gamut from simple control blocks to device controls ready for connection, including advanced user interfaces.