Electro-hydraulic pressure regulation iblos-EHD

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The patented electro-hydraulic bearing pressure regulation iblos-EHD regulates the tracking force of work devices on the ground or other working surfaces. The iblos-EHD operates energy-efficiently, precisely and quickly. Working a surface with the set force is guaranteed to be exact. The iblos-EHD comes with single or twice-effective cylinders. Furthermore, and depending on how it is integrated, it can apply its force to the work surface actively and in a controlled fashion. The iblos-EHD can be deployed in all current hydraulic systems with a fixed displacement or load sensing pump. The system operates self-sufficiently or integrated into iblos controls. Low strain on the hydraulic parts prevents power dissipation and thus minimizes fuel consumption. The device operates highly cost-efficiently and goes easy on our environment.

  • mulchers
  • mowers
  • plows
  • frontshovels
  • road sweepers
  • tillage
  • cleaning devices

Available as an independent assembly group for retroactive installation or as an integrated feature of iblos control solutions.

• precise terrain tracking
• easy and clear controls
• energy-efficient operation
• easy installation
• compact design
• soil protection while mowing
• prevents damage to roads or work surfaces
• settings can be saved for several add-on devices
• no intrusion into features of hydraulic control devices on a tractor
• handling via vehicle controls even with activated regulation
• diagnostics and settings via menus

  • size up to 120l/min pump input current
  • up to 100l/min current drain
  • pressure up to 250 bar
  • redirects pressure with constant pump
  • constant and load sensing pump
  • 12V and 24V electrical systems