project-specific control blocks in different designs

Aluminum and steel control blocks

IBL-HYDRONIC develops and produces control blocks made of high-strength aluminum for pressures of up to 250 bar. For higher pressures or on demand we make control blocks out of steel. We produce individual control blocks with our modular systems SW04 and SW10 or customized compact blocks. Control blocks with integrated CAN-bus are as much part of our spectrum as simple hydraulic wiring. We only install high-quality and renowned products from the international hydraulics industry in our control blocks. As a distribution partner of Danfoss cartridge valves we are highly experienced with integrating clamp-in valves. IBL-HYDRONIC is an experienced specialist when it comes to proportional technology in conjunction with electronic controls.

Our hydraulic solutions

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All components are developed on the premise of synergizing with hydraulic or electronic mobile automation components.