Internet of Things

In development: the iblos-CLOUD-master

Worldwide distribution of machines is on the rise. In service cases, even the smallest of parameter changes may lead to enormous costs – if there’s no remote access, that is. For this reason IBL-HYDRONIC brings the iblos-CAN-master-pro feature to the cloud. Developing the iblos-CLOUD-master offers the complete range of CANmaster features as well as additonal options for handling machine data. It is a powerful tool for utilizing IoT features that we are going to offer our customers, preparing mobile machine producers for the future. The new iblos-CLOUD-master will be launched in 2021.

  • Device management
  • data management
  • access control
  • manipulation protection
  • updating service
  • data service
  • production data acquisition and exchange
  • secure data link
  • wordwide access to machines

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