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All-rounders – sought after in every municipality

Snow plows with towed spreaders in winter, mowers with catch tanks in summer – construction yards and operational services worldwide favor the real all-rounders.

Producers of municipal vehicles therefore need to synthesize features of construction, agricultural and specialized machines. And since the machines are supposed to be operational around the clock and are often handled and maintained by less qualified staff, the challenging aspects of a control solution increase in scope and number: It has to be extremely robust and user-friendly, optimally support necessary refittings and also take up little space.

That is where IBL-HYDRONIC provides the optimal solution for producers: With our modular control blocks iblos-SW04 and iblos-SW10 setting up scalable and flexible controls takes little time and investment. Contributing to this is consistent CAN-bus application, which allows for particularly efficient and transparent integration of system components and add-ons.

Not only does IBL-HYDRONIC develop and produce very robust hydraulic and electronic components, but we also deliver all-in-one solutions ready for connection ranging from plugs to custom-made control consoles automating municipal technology. For that, our experts can fall back on a great stock of tried and tested assembly groups and software modules. Among the many automation projects we realized in close cooperation with municipal technology producers are MEWPs, reflector post washers as well as garbage collection and sewer cleaning vehicles.

Manufacturing capacities within Germany lead to short supply chains and a consistent spare part supply, which in turn ensures maximal availability of municipal and operational vehicle fleets.


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We develop and integrate complete hydraulic and electronic systems for medium-sized producers of construction machines, agricultural and forestry machines as well as municipal and specialized vehicles since 1989, running the gamut from simple control blocks to device controls ready for connection, including advanced user interfaces.