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Easy to use

Electronic controls have reached all market segments today and by now aren’t only part of complex machines and installations anymore. Applications not only need to work perfectly to cover the whole breadth of the market, but communication options, documentation and after-sale strategies are equally important. Handling and filing/documenting digital machine data, such as parameters and equipment versions, poses a particular challenge. This is why IBL-HYDRONIC’s easy-to-use technology is the perfect solution for producers of mobile machines and add-on devices.

  • one competent contact partner about components and system integration
  • components optimally designed for performance and installation
  • clearly arranged documents for production and after-sales
  • device management for parametrization and digital documentation/administration of machine data

One partner for one solution

With its extensive choice of products, IBL-HYDRONIC stands out from its competitors that solely act as system integrators or component suppliers. Since 1989 we have been developing, producing and integrating complete hydraulic and electronic systems in Germany for medium-sized producers of construction, agricultural and forestry as well as municipal and specialized vehicles. Being a combined producer and system integrator brings along an outstanding competence when it comes to components and their system integration into client applications. We guarantee short response times and on-time delivery. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified. We are committed to our location in Germany and understand “Made in Germany“ to mean both a promise of quality and a mission to provide users with innovative solutions of pronounced added value. IBL-HYDRONIC is an owner-managed specialist for automating mobile machines with decades of experience and profound market insight.
  • your partner for component questions
  • your partner for system integration questions
  • your partner for after-sales service
  • easy to use

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ready for connection, decentralized and modular

One of the main advantages of bus systems is that they require a significantly smaller amount of wiring. Unfortunately this often isn’t the case in practice, the reason being control modules that insufficiently meet the requirements of mobile machine wiring. IBL-HYDRONIC on the other hand equips its IMPact control modules with an integrated terminal level, which does away with the need for additional distributors or terminal boxes and makes wiring much more efficient. The iblos-terminal level provides all necessary operating, fixed voltage and mass terminals to connect sensors and actuators.
  • clear layout
  • affordable
  • robust
  • easy to service
  • ready for connection
  • easy to use

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Clear and understandable

In addition to necessary and common documents such as circuit diagrams and technical drawings, IBL-HYRONIC issues comprehensible installation documentation and operating instructions. That includes depictions of all plugs, components and their connections. All solenoids on hydraulic blocks, sensors, etc., are for example also labelled on the connectors and thus documented consistently. Features are described in the „language of use“. Even non-qualified personnel can handle IBL-HYDRONIC’s documents easily and reliably, which considerably eases general dealings with the production department and after-sales service.

  • clear layout
  • simple
  • consistent
  • easy to use

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Data and machine administration

Administering digital data and parameters for machines represents a new challenge for many producers. It requires not only easy machine parametrization, but definitely also end-to-end documentation of changes. Only reliably documented data guarantees fast and successful service, especially when it comes to after-sales. To accomplish this task, IBL-HYDRONIC offers the iblos-CANmaster-pro to its clients and their partners, a software tool that supports parametrization, filing and documentation of machine data in a variety of ways. Its white label feature makes the CANmaster-pro customizable for each client. The interface can be configured regardless of language. Data can be blocked from unauthorized manipulation, preempting unintentionally erroneous parametrization. Parametrical files are filed and administered by the CAN-master-pro.

  • online parametrization
  • machine administration
  • access control
  • several levels of access privileges
  • logfiles with every change
  • manipulation protection
  • numerous diagnostics and maintenance features
  • easy -to-use
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