Specialized machines

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Our specialized machine solutions

The showpiece: Automating specialized machines

Machines with specific purposes are especially demanding for their producers. Technology and know-how from a variety of domains have to be brought together. A modular control solution consisting of finetuned components may ease the effort considerably.

IBL-HYDRONIC has been rolling out and constantly developing the necessary flexible and potent control solutions for years. That includes the hydraulic and electronic components we develop and produce in-house as well as human-machine interfaces or 3D-printed multifunctional joysticks.

Users can acquire these individual components from IBL-HYDRONIC or the all-in-one solutions ready for installation and connection based on them. If need be our experienced engineers help with the integration of the automation solution so that users can focus on their core task or acquire essential domain knowledge faster. A kit of well-tried function blocks guarantees accelerated development processes and particularly robust automation solutions, which is why more and more producers of specialized machines put their trust in IBL-HYDRONIC as an extended development department and workbench. Closely cooperating with our respective clients, we have, for example, sucessfully automated blast-hole drilling machines, Formula One workshop trolleys and machines for cleaning solar fields. One of the recent highlights is a remote-controlled demolition excavator deployed during the dismantling of the NPP Mühlheim-Kärlich (see interview).


These solutions may be of interest to you!

We develop and integrate complete hydraulic and electronic systems for medium-sized producers of construction machines, agricultural and forestry machines as well as municipal and specialized vehicles since 1989, running the gamut from simple control blocks to device controls ready for connection, including advanced user interfaces.