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Modular graphical operator interface for construction, agricultural and forestry machinery, municipal equipment and special vehicles. The Curvace follows on from the OCTO series and extends it with a modular design; add-ons can be retrofitted depending on the application. From a simple operating and display unit to a powerful central control system, everything is possible with the Curvace. With the Curvace, brand-conscious customers receive an operating and display unit with a high recognition value that also visually enhances the installation environment.

Thanks to modern additive manufacturing processes, control elements such as pushbuttons, joysticks and potentiometers can be used individually via add-ons or the base unit, even in small quantities and with little lead time.

short boot-up time
0.6s - no more than 1.6s

professional graphics features
embedded GUI-technology from the automotive industry, fast, easy on resources, 3D elements included

high-res 7“ screen, 16.7M colors, readable under all lighting conditions and from a slanted angle
modern capacitive multi-touch (PCAP), smooth integration of thumb joystick, button, potentiometer, stop switch, et al.

Modularer Aufbau, additive inhouse-Fertigung bei IBL-HYDRONIC, automotive-Interieur-Qualität
label with your company logo, RAM-mount, panel mounting version or specific installation, protection class depending on requirements, RAL / Pantone and special colors

2 CAN networks, USB-OTG for external devices or USB stick
optional add-ons for CAN, I/O, camera, ethernet, IoT (iblos-CLOUD-master)

freely programmable in C or CoDeSys3.5, graphics GUI embedded Wizard

electrical connection
power supply 12/24 VDC (9-32 VDC), resettable fuse, load dump protection, suitable for vehicular electrical systems, voltage internally monitored

additively produced Pa12, ip50 to ip65, installation housing with 1“ RAM-mounts, panel mounting, customized design

2x CAN, 0V, Vdd, enable, driving speed, M12 8-pin


via USB stick or directly on the PC via USB

ambient temperature
-20 to 70 ° C (for storage -30 to 80 ° C), non-condensing