iblos T-Grip

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The iblos T-grip is a modern combination of joystick control and graphical operating and display device. In addition to the standard version, IBL-HYDRONIC provides customized designs and equipment. The ergonomical thumb joystick and durable keyboard ensure high long-term quality and exceptional ease of use. The iblos T-grip is particularly advantageous when used to control municipal or agricultural add-on devices. Its graphics unit’s exceptionally short boot-up time ensures the T-grip is immediately ready for operation when switched on. The T-grip comes with unique advantages in terms of settings, control and diagnostics. The option to receive customized equipment and design sets it apart from other devices on the market. What brand-conscsious customers get with the T-grip is a highly distinctive operating device.


  • mulchers
  • mowers
  • plows
  • frontshovels
  • road sweepers
  • tillage
  • cleaning devices

short boot-up time
0.6s - no more than 1.6s

professional graphics features
embedded GUI-technology from the automotive industry, fast, easy on resources, 3D elements included

high-res 5“ screen, 16.7M colors, readable under all lighting conditions and from a slanted angle
modern capacitive multi-touch (PCAP), thumb joystick, button, potentiometer, stop switch, et al.

ergonomic handle design, additive in-house production, automotive interior quality
label with your company logo, RAM-mount or specific installation conditions, protection class depending on requirements, RAL / Pantone and special colors

2 CAN networks, USB-OTG for external devices or USB stick

electrical connection
power supply 12/24 VDC (9-32 VDC) suitable for vehicular electrical systems

thumb joystick
reverb effect, contactless, uni- or biaxial
single or redundant signal

additively produced Pa12, ip50 to ip65
installation housing with 1“ RAM mounts, customized design

1.5m cable with M12 5-pin plug
1: vdd
2: clearance
3: 0V
4: CAN1 low
5: CAN1 high
6: CAN2 low
7: CAN2 high
8: distance pulse 12/24 VDC standard signal according to ISO11786 for velocity

alternatively customized implementation

ambient temperature
-20 to 70 ° C (for storage -30 to 80 ° C), non-condensing